Ph.D. Committees (Chair)

Murat Es (2006-2012). Turkish-Dutch Mosques and the Construction of Transnational Spaces in Europe. Recipient of grants from the National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement grant, the Netherlands HSP-Huygens Programme (the Netherlands), and the Middle East Research Council. Currently Assistant Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Geography and Resource Management.

Mike Dimpfl (2011- 2016) (co-chair). Clean U: Cleanliness, Social Difference, and the Dirty Work of Everyday Hygiene. Currently at Duke University Thompson Writing Program.

Nathan Swanson (2009-2016). The Politics of Home in Jerusalem: Partitions, Parks, and Planning Futures. Currently at Texas A&M University, Geography.

Devran Koray Öçal (2015-in progress). Feeling the State: Alternative States and Territories of the Turkish-Muslim Diaspora in Germany.

Lily Herbert (2017- in progress).

M.A. Committees (Chair)

Katherine Akin (2010-2014). “…The truth is that the center is free and open” The politics of self and social transformation in Santo Daime’s living doctrine.

Jim Kuras (2012-2015). Images of Pregnant Women at Gezi Park Protests in Istanbul, 2013.

Ph.D. Committees (Member)

Tina Mangieri (2007). Refashioning Transnational Spaces: Cloth and Clothing in the Indian Ocean Littoral.

Joseph Palis (2008). Cinema Archipelago: The Geography of Philippine Film and the National Imaginary.

Matthew Reilly (2008). The Nocturnal Negotiations of Youth Spaces in Havana.

Angela Cacciarru (2010). Where We Come From: Common Problems and Local Solutions to the Land Tenure Issue in Rural Sardinia, Italy.

Tamara Johnson (2011). Urban Beat: Emotive Creation and Embodied Negotiations of Territory, Belonging, and the Rights to the City in Cape Town, South Africa.

Linda Quiquivix (2012). The Political Mapping of Palestine.

Craig Dalton (2012). Mashing-up Maps: The Organizing Imperatives and Geographic Visions of Google’s Online Map Services.

Annelies Goger (2013). Managing Global Guilt and Local Norms: Regulation in the Sri Lankan Clothing Industry.

Liz Mason-Deese (2015). The Movements of Unemployed Workers and the Recomposition of Buenos Aires’s Precarious Urban Geography.

Chris Courtheyn (2016). “Memory is the Strength of Our Resistance”: Land, Politics, and Peace in San Jose de Apartado, Colombia.

Adam Bledsoe (2016). Defender Nosso de Chao: Quilombo Struggles in Bahia, Brazil.

Eloisa Berman-Arevalo (2017). Making Space in the “Territorial Cracks”: Afro-Campesino Politics of Land and Territory in Caribbean Colombia.

Darius Scott (in progress).

Sertanya Reddy (in progress).

Amy Braun (in progress).

Chris Neubert (in progress).

Mike Hawkins (in progress).


MA committees (member)

Haruna Suzuki (2014). Science for Galapagos? Science, place, and publics in the Galapagos Archipelago.

Mike Hawkins (2017). Liberty Call at Sunset: Belonging, Transnational Marriage, and the Intimate Post-Military Lives of American Retirees in Subic Bay, Philippines.


External or Outside Committee Member (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

Samantha Szczur (Communication, 2010). Office Space: The Corporate Campus, Employee Services, and Worker Subjectivity.

Grover Wehman (Communication, 2016). Rural Publics, Housing and a Method of Disclosure.

Annas Shaker (Global Studies, 2017). Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

Eileen Hammond (Communication, in progress).


External Committee Member (outside of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

Anne Ranek (2017). Geography, University of Arizona. Paradoxical Spaces: Identity and Everyday Spatial Practice Among Muslim Youth in Copenhagen, Denmark.




Honors Thesis Committee Chair

Katherine Shields (2006). (Public Policy and Drama) Cracked Foundations: Urban Development and Changing Politics of Squatter Settlements in Istanbul. Accepted with scholarship to the joint Masters Program in Middle Eastern Studies and Public Heath at the University of Michigan in 2010.

Callie Peck (2007). (Global Studies) Female Political Bodies and Body Politics: Muslim Women’s Participation in the Development of the Palestinian Nationalist Islamist Movement.

Hannah Highfill (2009). (Global Studies) Beyond the Mosque: Religious Practice, Gender, and Space in an Istanbul Sufi Community. Accepted with scholarship to Islamic Studies MA program at Washington University in 2009.

Bethany Corbin (2011). (Global Studies) A Bleeding Sin: An Examination of Honor Killings in Turkey and Germany. Awarded the competitive Mary Turner Lane Award for Excellence in Research on Women’s Issues by a Senior (2011) and full scholarship to Wake Forest Law School.

Amy Sarah Nunez (2012). (Geography) An Orientalist Appetite for India: The Commodification and Consumption of the “Other’s” Culture in the West.

Leah Neal (2013). (Global Studies) Minorities, Mobilization, and Marginalization: Non-Majority Actors and the 2011 Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions.

Lily Herbert (Geography, 2016). ‘Is Hijab for Kazakh Girls?’: Shifting the Borders of Kazakh Nationhood and the Modern in Almaty, Kazakhstan. (winner of the Best Undergraduate Thesis Award)

Alexis Strang (Global Studies, 2017). More Than a Pretty Face: How Turkish Magazines Function as Social Spaces.

Marisa Breathewaite (Global Studies and Asian Studies, 2018). Making Space and Women’s Activism in the Arab World.

 Honors Thesis Committee Member

Katherine Locke (2011). (Religious Studies) Presence of the Past: Byzantine and Ottoman Architecture and its Effects on Collective Memory in Modern-Day Turkey.

Gregory Randoph (2012). (Religious Studies) The Refugee Regime: An Explication of the Legal and Epistemic Mechanisms that Govern Stateless Lives.

Megan Roosevelt (2012). (Political Science) As Islamic Banking Spreads to the Non-Muslim West: An Assessment of Economic vs. Religious Motivations for Financial Institution-Type Preference in the United Kingdom.